Communication Breakdown

My views, both on here and the web in general, often provoke anger and furious retorts. I assume this is because my opinions are poorly thought out, badly researched and most of all, designed to do so. There is something nice and predictable about people getting angry and furious out of instinct or indignation, which is generally the basis for any comments or opinions that I make in the first place. It’s amazing how two angry people, barely thinking through the red haze in front of their short sighted eyes, can argue and insult under the guise of “debate” to the point where they end up arguing about something only vaguely related to the original point. Some may say that, in these situations no one wins, but I am swift to point out that it isn’t a competition, and if no one wins, then no one looses, and winning defines the looser, and not the other way around, and why are you poking your face into my discussion you cunt?

Recently (yesterday) I was accosted on Facebook, over a comment that I had made about the band System Of A Down. The standard barrage of message subsequently flew across cyber space with accusations of racism and suchlike (although as with every debate, the first person to mention Hitler or Nazis automatically forfeits the discussion, or loses, to the competitively minded), until at the end, it transpired that we had openly misunderstood each other, and it was his poor (lack) of grammar, and poor sentence construction that had confused me. It was my ability to use sentences, full stops and spell check function on my browser that had confused him. He was actually a decent fella with many of the same political beliefs as I have.

Obviously the internet is a horrible place to communicate, what with our physically and emotionally expressive communication stripped down to its most basic and two dimensional form, coupled with most people suffering from an online disinhibition effect, causing them to be bigger arseholes than they are allowed to be in their real, meaningless, pointless lives. Yes I get the irony there. Anyway, this lack of decent communication got me thinking about the recent student protest(s) in London.

There is not a single news story, or documentation of this event that is not biased in some way. That is obvious and elementary. One thing you can’t argue with, is that most of the protesting students are from middle class backgrounds. The majority of the working class (the real working class) don’t go to university. In fact, the statistics of working class people who attend university are likely to be horribly skewed as most middle class houses consider themselves working class, when clearly they are not.

Why does the social class of the protesters matter? Because it undermines the point they are trying to make. They claim that the increase in fees will help split the social divide further, yet they themselves split it further when they are protesting like fucking morons in the name of someone else. United, the students collect to become the largest, and possibly most formidable legal team, political team, media team and journalistic team in the country. There are THOUSANDS of the grotty bastards, all of whom are now ramming home the stereotype that students are lazy and don’t think before they act. Indeed, if we are to judge them by their behaviour, they deserve everything they are getting. In fact, if the students protesting really were the ones being cut out of higher education by the new bill (which they aren’t), many could take the view that they aren’t the type of students we actually want. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I always say, the best way to validate “the man” is to act like a child. Well, I said it once.

The age of protest is over. I read somewhere (I think it was David Mitchell) saying that had the students not protested violently, then perhaps the media would have omitted the protest completely, making the peaceful protests, as seen in Scotland, effectively worthless. This is very true, although I personally doubt that this is the sort of exposure students need, especially when they should be trying to gain support from the public. Ultimately though, I feel this was more an excuse for privileged children from across the country to be unruly and to have a political excuse when mummy starts disapproving. Really, protest achieves nothing. We live in a day and age of limited interest, and tiny attention spans. I’m impressed by how there was more than one protest, but unlike protest of the past, these students will get bored and go home. It’s not like the 80’s where people were losing their jobs. Students today can’t get jobs to begin with.

Obviously, somewhere, there are some smarter students in the machine, probably by accident, and they have teamed up with the Students Union to make a political protest through the correct channels and authorities. I don’t know if I’m the only one who would have been more amused had all of the student bodies attempted this independently of each other. You know, just to fuck with the lawyers and parliament, perhaps showing them just how important the issue is to many people. Like real life however (something these students will soon have to experience), there aren’t enough clever people to go around. A point ruthlessly hammered in by the fact that none of these students even seem to know what the proposed changes to the system actually are. No, they heard the number £9000 being bandied around by some pathetic media source, desperate for that sell in order to feed its crap spewing habit, and they decide that suddenly everyone will have to pay this extortionate cost. That is not what the changes are. The changes will be that you pay back as much as you required to on a sliding scale defined by your average income, meaning if you earn the average wage in this country, you’ll end up paying less than you do already. No one really cares about the particulars though; let’s throw a fucking fire extinguisher at a police man


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