A Man Is A Rape Supporter If…

So, there have been plenty of talks online about a list, published by my fellow contributor, who runs a blog called “Eve Bit First”. It’s caused some controversy over it’s depiction of “men” (that’s right, the entire gender), and how they all (we all) support rape, even subconsciously, by all being intrinsically guilty of at least one of the things on this list. She has previously published a blog, calling for the systematic annihilation of all men, and has expressed a patronising distaste for transgender folk, but hate figure she is not. She is simply a feminist, telling it like it is.

However, being sympathetic to her cause, as I am a man, who cannot deny that she is spot on, I feel it is my duty to publish several additions to her fantastic list, that she just doesn’t have time to publish herself, being busy with tons of fan mail each day. The original list, in all of it’s eloquent beauty, simplicity and honesty, can be found here: http://evebitfirst.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/a-man-is-a-rape-supporter-if/

The following additions WILL be released as part of the directors cut dvd.

A man is a rape-supporter if…

  • He is celibate (dude is hiding some big secret if he’s celibate. Hell, he’s probably wearing the panties of the last girl her raped, sick fuck)
  • He has nipples. Trying to confuse women to gain their trust is one of the oldest tricks in the book.
  • He has big hands. To cover a woman’s mouth
  • He has ever sworn/cursed. If he can control the petty thoughts in his tiny brain, how could he hope to control his tiny penis?
  • He has ever gotten impatient with a woman on the blob. No respect or understanding makes man a rapey rapey.
  • He enjoys horror films. Have you seen the depiction of women in horror films? And don’t even get me started on Evil Dead.
  • He has ever gotten erect. People without guns can’t shoot people. People with guns=Columbine. Just add penises.
  • He buys his girlfriend flowers. Condescending or what. Probably a peace offering for laughing at all the rape that’s mindlessly glamorised on television, only the pacify her until her back is turned.
  • He thinks that the prison rape scene in American History X was dark, upsetting or moving. Men getting raped is quite obviously fine, and there are plenty more to go before men and women are equal. After all, it’s about keeping score.
  • He can park a car perfectly. Practice, duh.
  • He works in a tall office building. Skyscrapers, penetrating the sky…. how did no one see it?
  • He was conceived. This is the most telling one… men are LITERALLY made from a process, where a male cells FORCES it’s way into a female cell. The tricky bastards start raping from birth, the absolute cunts!!!
  • He buys the best of DVD. Why else would a scummy, rapey man buy an item with a hole in it, especially one that can’t say “no”? Please, oh please, think of the plastic!

Ahem, on a serious note, I’d like to point out that rape isn’t that funny. Well, it can be, when approached in a satirical way, but in reality it never can be, and unfortunately we are still too far as a people from the goal of controlling, and preventing rape,  for it ever to be a mainstream humour, or open debate. Which is why, when the topic is handled in such a disrespectful and ignorant way, as “Eve” has, with this list, and the entirety of her blog, she not only diminishes the importance of rape, by reducing it to mere hate speech, but she also looses sight of the goal, which is to inform with a sight to end rape, or to stop women (and men) ending up in the situation where they are, or can be raped.

“Eve” quite clearly hates men. Her post calling for the destruction of the entire gender is proof enough (http://evebitfirst.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/a-rant/). The reason for that seems biographically clear. She has suffered at the expense of being a woman physically (http://evebitfirst.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/just-deal-with-it/) and didn’t get the pity she felt that she was entitled to.

Now, I just worded that unfairly. There are many who have taken their lives over less, but it does go to show the power that language has. The information I gave you was technically correct, but the way it’s phrased was really rather cuntish. However, “Eve” isn’t just about bad grammar. “Eve” genuinely hates men, going so far as to blame everything on them, somehow.

Now I’ve heard nut jobs who claim that religion is the root of all evil in the world, and from their experiences, it may well seem to be (it isn’t). I  am well aware of racists, who hate someone based on factors beyond their control, for reasons that are seemingly idiotic to everyone else, but I’m sure that amongst the under evolved lot of them, there is a normal person, who has a genuine reason. That isn’t fine, but it’s somewhat understandable. I’ve not ever heard of some one who hates an entire gender though. I mean, asides from being incredibly counter productive (no men=no more women either, dipshit).

The reasonable retort to that, would be to point out actual rapists as being a perfect example of someone who hates the opposite gender, and in some cases I daresay you’re right. I don’t deal in absolutes, however, and I don’t agree that all rapists hate women. Here’s why:

At school, I knew someone, older than me (not giving exact details out), who raped someone in his year. She was a good friend of mine, which is how I found out. It all got settled out of the limelight, and she decided to leave the school instead of him. The injustice of this, and the hatred I felt towards this man was unbelievable. The act in itself is violently repugnant to me, and to see someone get away with it just made it worse. As I grew up, he went from strength to strength, achieved very well, and was well liked. He became a “model citizen” as it were. Now, I know that the girl in question doesn’t hate him any more, an amazing feat of which I’m very proud of her. She has come to the conclusion that it was a mistake, made in error, and perhaps changed him into becoming the “great” guy he is now. I’ve never gone into graphic details with her, but if she’s come to peace with it all, then that’s that.

Can I honestly say that this man hates women? No, I really can’t. I can say a lot about him, much of it hateful. Hell, I could ruin his career, his relationships… I could destroy the remainder of his life by this atrocious act, but then, I’m not that kind of guy.

My point about all of this is that your actions against one person do not define your attitude towards a group. Conversely, the actions of an individual against you, do not define the attitudes of many people, who are only connected by some arbitrary definition. This kind of hatred, as I shouldn’t need to inform you, is pointless, unfounded, and harmful, and not only to the people that you are targeting.

“Eve”, in your posts you comment that women dress and act the way they do to “neutralise the threat” that men present (http://evebitfirst.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/tsf-hugh-hefne/), while you claim that women act the way they are through social (which is in your mind completely patriarchal) conditioning (http://evebitfirst.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/biological-determinism/), showing that your beliefs conflict with themselves, purely in an effort to scapegoat men for everything wrong with the world (read:wrong with you).

If you honestly wish to target the rapists, and the patriarchy, and the oppression in this world, you are going to need to narrow your sights, because right now, bar maybe 100 women, you are attacking and insulting everybody, and it’s clear that everybody isn’t the problem. There are many real feminists (as you are most definitely NOT a feminist), as well as many men, who would fight alongside you, and in fact, currently DO fight to make the world a better place, from the enemies that you hopelessly attempt to identify.  Your counter productive hate speech will only hurt you in the long run, and while it might not ever change your mind, it won’t be men who are wasting their lives away in a cocoon of hatred, resentment, and bitterness. It’s not worth the waste, when your passion has so much to give. Open your eyes, accept the world, and change it productively.

(oh, and if you “quote” statistics, actually sodding quote them. Making statements like:

“because statistics indicate there is an almost 100% certainty that you have either committed a rape, or wanted to commit a rape, or knowingly assisted or defended someone who committed a rape, or mocked a woman who was raped”

when those statistics clearly don’t exist anywhere outside of your imagination, makes you argument look even less valid, if at all possible).


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