Songs From My Childhood

I’m not old. I did, however, have a childhood. Here’s a collection of songs I loved back then, and my memories attached to them:

1) Kittie-Charlotte

Kittie were one of the best known of the mediocre non-operatic girl metal bands that emerged at the turn of the century. Pure guilty pleasure this. I remember I had it on a mix cd when I lived in America, not sure where I originally had it from. It saw me through some rough times. Then, a year or so later, I went on a journey in France, real growing up experience. I must have been about 14-15. I stayed for a fortnight in a camp/hostel type place, where I met the first girl I fell “in love” with (it probably wasn’t anything like that, although it felt that way at the time). In a small French town this album was in the bargain bin, and I bought it and loved it all over again. I also bought this album…

2)Bloodhound Gang-Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

One Fierce Beer Coaster wasn’t the first Bloodhound Gang album I bought. Looking back, it may have actually been the last. I bought it for the Run DMC cover, but the opening track sums up both the album and the band pretty well. When you’re a kid, this shit is funny.

3)Bad Religion-You

Instantly became my favourite song when I heard it. I liked punk, but the delivery, the vocabulary, and the intelligence in one place… I’d never heard anything like it. I remember it being included on Tony Hawks 2, which still has the finest videogame soundtrack of all time.

4)Monster Magnet-All Shook Out

Already a big fan of MM, I remember God Says No being one of the first albums I eagerly counted down the days to.  I loved it, and this song was among my favourites. It was almost tradition that MM came over to England in March, near my birthday, and at least three (now ex)girlfriends have taken me to see them as a birthday present. They’re playing London in December this year, and I’ll be buying my own ticket this time!


Not nu-metal, not punk, not industrial, Pitchshifter are one of the most underrated bands this country has ever produced. This song pretty much sums up my summers, dicking about in Harringey, Ali Pali, and Enfield, heading around various skateparks, trying to impress girls, destroying Dazz’s house, and practically living at Andys house. His front door was never actually closed… in fact, I’m sure it once went a week wide open, day and night. Nothing ever got stolen though, because we’d be playing this really loud, as well as the next two…

6)The Offspring-All I Want

7)The Wildhearts-Vanilla Radio

… yeah some damn good skater memories there.

I wasn’t immune to the Nu-Metal though. These guys were so underrated, and awesome when I was 13:

8)hed (PE)-Waiting To Die

This was one of my angry songs. I was never a storm into my room kinda guy, but this made more than enough appearances through my stereo.

9)Killing Joke-Seeing Red

When Killing Joke returned back on the scene in 2002, it was pretty major for me. It was one of the first times I’d heard such a versatile band. I still wasn’t as big into Industrial music as I’d eventually be, but this is what pointed me in the right direction. I love every song from their self titles album (their second one).

10)Janes Addiction-Just Because

Another reformation that got my blood going. Sadly it phased out quite quickly, but this was a cracking tune.

Honourable mentions go to Faith No More, Transplants (almost 10 years since Diamonds and Guns!), Nine Inch Nails and Metallica. If you knew me as a kid, you know that these guys and The Offspring were constantly on my tape player (retro). However, FNM, NIN, and Metallica went on to form my adult taste in music, and the Transplants’ shitty second album automatically omits them from this list. Still, listening to some of these tracks is a mental blast to the past, much like the final three:


Placebo-Pure Morning



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