Goodbye London

This is a bit of an unexpected post for many, but it’s easier to write this down then to have to continuously explain this decision.

Basically, I returned to London over a year ago, to try and recover my life from the pit it had sunk into. Get a job, be grown up, that kinda thing. Yet ever since I got here my life has sunk even further into uselessness, and become more unpleasant. My job is a place f abuse and intimidation, and a badly paid one at that. My friends who begged me to return have been absent in my presence, or have left me for my ex-girlfriend, a sad state of affairs indeed. My former school friends have moved on with their lives, and my current circle is smaller than ever before.

I have never liked my family, and  due to a ten month unemployment my short stay with them has dragged on for well over a year. I live in a box, far enough outside of London to make my entire life fully dependant on a public transport system that the third world would give back. I cannot afford to live elsewhere, I cannot afford transport, and I am terminally unemployable. Basically what I’m saying is: fuck it. I’m leaving.

I’m fully aware that leaving London twice is pretty much the kiss of death for me ever wanting to lead any sort of life in my home town, but due to the idiocies of government, and the failures of other people, I have no life here as it is, so I don’t feel like I’m looking anything at the moment. Bad management has fucked this country, and nowhere is feeling it harder than London. So, to folks from around here, goodbye, and good luck. Hopefully you won’t get shat on in the same way I ahve. To the folks up north, contact your employers and arrange me meetings. I’m returning.